Captain Esmée Purplehat

Esmée Purplehat was a feared privateer of the seas, her purple hat adorned with a feather was her emblem of terror. She criss-crossed the oceans aboard her ship, the "Purple Megalodon", ready to attack any merchant vessel that crossed her wake, stripping precious cargoes and exotic treasures. Her crew, made up of ruthless pirates, had faith in their fearless captain, braving storms and fierce battles under her command.
Esmée Purplehat's reputation spread like a sinister shadow, and her name was whispered in the taverns of distant ports. But deep in her heart, Esmée kept a secret: her dream was to find the Treasure of the Four Seas not for its riches, but for the legend and adventure that surrounded it, for to her, piracy was above all an endless quest for the excitement of the unexplored seas.

This pirate larp set has been specially designed by Les Artisans d'Azure to inspire you to create a rufiant of the seas! The magnificent black and purple leather pirate hat is certainly the pièce de résistance of this fierce buccaneer, along with the superb leather pirate baldric. Esmée is armed not only with a magnificent pirate pistol replica, but also a rogue knife, discreetly clasped in a back scabbard specially designed for knives and daggers. She wears a beautiful white medieval blouse and a dark medieval skirt pulled up to the waist. A versatile black leather short belt enhances her waist, and a renaissance belt adds the finishing touch to this extravagant character!

Costume, photos and make-up by Les Artisans d'Azure
Products by Les Artisans d'Azure
Hat by La Griffe du Dragon Noir

Captain Esmée Purplehat

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