Sela, The Frost Shieldmaiden

The legendary Sela Frostshield is a figure embodying the spirit of a Viking general: fierce, independent and resolute. She exudes a presence as icy as the merciless northern winds, symbolizing stoic strength and unflinching authority. Her battle-scarred face bears witness to her unwavering commitment to the warrior's path. In victory, as in praise of the exploits of those now in Valhala, Frostshield knows how to celebrate these moments. She lives triumph with the same intensity as she faces adversity, acknowledging the hard-won achievements of her comrades and encouraging skalds to sing the praises of their deeds.

This complete LARP set has been created using standard products from our store to embody a badass Viking warrior! The magnificent centerpieces are the Ashen Shieldmaiden Corset, as well as the Ashen Viking pauldrons and bracers, all in ash-black leather. The blue-gray Halvar tunic is beautifully enhanced by a black leather harness, and practical pirate-style pants are tucked into sturdy black leather boots. Sela is armed with a Viking sword with matching scabbard, a Viking seax and a large, two-tone Thegn shield. All this is complemented by practical accessories such as a square purse, scrolls and a horn tankard to celebrate victory!

  • Pictures and make-up by Les Artisans d'Azure
  • Costume by Les Artisans d'Azure
  • Sword and dagger by Ateliers Nemesis

Viking Inspiration
Viking Inspiration

Sela, The Frost Shieldmaiden

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