Elkyr, the Elven Guard

In the mystical depths of Elanor Forest resides a steadfast guardian of nature. His name echoes through woods and elven dwellings alike: Elkyr, a guardian whose soul is intrinsically linked to the mysteries of the forest, and whose legendary golden armor shines as a symbol of his noble and honorable quest. This elf ranger is more than just a tree guardian; he embodies the quintessence of loyalty to nature, ready to unleash his precise arrows or demonstrate his swordsmanship to anyone who dares threaten the peace and balance of the forest. He embodies the nobility of his elven people and the ancestral honor that resides within them. His lifelong quest to preserve nature makes him a formidable force and an invaluable companion for anyone seeking to explore the mysteries of Elanor's woods.

This larp elf character has been created entirely from standard products. The set features this golden-steel fantasy ranger armor, including plate armor leg, as well as this fantasy bow and leather quiver for larp arrows. A linen elven tunic and sarouel form the basis of this fantasy adventurer outfit, enhanced by a clever waist decoration of yellow aki and a medieval leather belt. Efficiently equipped with a Dao style elven larp sword and matching leather scabbard, this ranger can also defend himself in melee! And an elven archer character wouldn't be complete without elf ear prosthetics, larp arrows and sturdy falcon gloves.

  • Pictures and make-up by Les Artisans d'Azure
  • Costume by Les Artisans d'Azure
  • Sword  by Ateliers Nemesis
  • Bow by Epic Armoury

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Elkyr, the Elven Guard

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