Daisy, the Feywild Alchemist

Daisy, the feywild alchemist, is a young adventurer with a wandering heart. Her love of adventure takes her from village to tavern, where she's always looking to forge new friendships. Driven by an unquenchable thirst for exploration, she approaches each day with courage and optimism, ready to face any challenge that stands in her way, whether with charismatic diplomacy or the most effective spells. Her candor and tireless curiosity make her particularly charming, and her boundless energy brings a touch of excitement to every new encounter. Is she an elf, a fairy or a fairy spirit? It doesn't matter, because Daisy embodies the vivacity and inquisitive spirit that light her way through the vast world before her, and that makes her a perfect companion for any group of adventurers!

This beautiful alchemist magician's set with a larp druidic touch has been created entirely with standard products. The pièce de résistance is certainly the botanist's manuscript corset, a medieval corset made of molded vegetable-dyed leather and covered with a magnificent floral and fairytale design, printed on caneva. A starry felted wizard hat adds a touch of magic, perfect for a larp wizard, and the beautiful wool cloak keeps our adventurer warm! A simple white Elisa dress and red medieval skirt, held in place by a medieval women's belt and practical skirt hike, form a practical and comfortable base for the costume. And of course, our alchemist is surrounded by a host of practical medieval accessories, including scrolls, grimoires, cauldrons, bard's tools, purses, beer tankards, torches and more..

  • Pictures and make-up by Les Artisans d'Azure 
  • Costume by Les Artisans d'Azure 
  • Wig by CelticSakura


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Daisy, the feywild alchemist

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