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Lucius, the Roman legionary

Aligned together, around a dozen young men displayed visible eagerness and anticipation while awaiting their imminent induction into the 7th Cohort. Among them stood Lucius Cornelius, a determined recruit whose aspirations exceeded reality. He wiped a trickle of sweat from his brow and exchanged a swift glance with his comrade to the left before stepping forward. Laid out before him on a table rested what would soon become his most cherished possession, a set of armor custom-made to safeguard his life in battles to come. Adorned with distinctive elements shared among fellow soldiers—the elaborate pauldrons, intricately crafted cuirass, embellished bracers and greaves, and the lengthy armor skirt—this armor embodied the authority and unity of the Legion, even symbolizing the might of the entire Empire, an impenetrable barrier against adversaries. As Lucius donned the various pieces of armor with swelling pride, he felt truly prepared to play his role as he adjusted his final piece, the iconic ornate maned helmet.

The Fantasy Roman Armor

This leather Roman Armor ensemble blends elements of fantasy with a hint of Greco-Roman influence, drawing from an era steeped in enduring myths and epic tales that continue to captivate modern audiences. Crafted specifically for Live Action Role-Playing (LARP), the armor is crafted from molded vegetable leather and meticulously hand-dyed, diverging from its historical counterparts traditionally made of iron or bronze. This choice prioritizes agility and maneuverability, offering a lighter, more flexible suit tailored for the dynamic nature of LARP combat, facilitating enhanced freedom of movement.

The flexible cuirass allows remarkable mobility, while the pauldrons consist of broad leather straps enveloping both front and back, reminiscent of the fabled Roman Lorica Segmentata. Embracing this motif, a battle skirt armor fashioned from lengthy embellished leather straps complements the ensemble, along with a Greek-inspired medieval leather helmet modeled after the Corinthian design, featuring lateral protection, an ornamental crest, and a plume crafted from genuine horsehair. Completing the set, armored bracers and roman greaves with knee protection round out this comprehensive armor, bestowing upon its wearer the semblance of a hoplite, a famed gladiator, an illustrious warrior of legend, or even a mythic hero during LARP gatherings.

    • Picture by: Les Artisans d'Azure
    • Armor by: Les Artisans d'Azure
    • Sword by: Calimacil
    • Image Editing: Floeur Cosplay


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Roman Armor

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