The Sentinels

In the desolate lands of a world in ruins, a once-thriving civilization had been annihilated by magical devastation. Mystical explosions had transformed the creatures that once inhabited the surface, forcing the last remnants of humanity to seek refuge in the depths of the earth. However, humanity had not been defeated. In the heart of this dark reality, a group of intrepid heroes emerged, known as the Sentinels. Hailing from the four corners of the continent, these diverse individuals gathered with the purpose of reclaiming this ravaged world, each possessing unique skills to accomplish their mission.

Vesper embodied brute power, charging into battle to protect his comrades with his massive armor. Xzakar specialized in guerrilla tactics and information warfare to destabilize the enemy, fierce and roguish. Karnov, the scout of the group, excelled in exploration and reconnaissance, guiding the Sentinels through hostile lands. Laurenz was the guardian of them, ensuring the protection of important individuals and vulnerable members during missions. Valzaura, the founder of the Sentinels, was the team leader, a master of ambushes, unorthodox tactics, and infiltration, guiding operations with sagacity.

Together, the Sentinels formed a special force, determined mercenaries and adventurers set on restoring the greatness of their magic-ravaged world. Their expeditions to the surface were both survival missions and quests for a better future. Within the Sentinels, each member wore augmented armor, forged from unique magical materials. These served as unique protection against the devastated surface and enabled the heroes to stand against the abominations that inhabited it.


All of this armor has been custom-crafted by Les Artisans d'Azure to bring the concept of this group of LARP friends to life! Alternating leather and metal, each armor has a unique theme to suit the style of each character while creating a unified look. The helmets have been carefully crafted to be full of personality. The materials and parts of LARP armor have been finely tuned for maximum comfort, while remaining comfortable and lightweight. Multiple standard products, such as leather belts, purses, chainmail and foam weapon scabbards have been customized and enhanced to add a ton of accessories to these LARP costumes. It's a huge project, spread over several years, but the result is an incredible group atmosphere!

  • Pictures by Benoît Vermette
  • Armors & Costumes by Les Artisans d'Azure
  • Foam weapons by Calimacil & Nemesis

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