The White Wolf Champion

Baldex stretched softly, the dancing flames of the fire playing over his features as he savored every sip of cider, his body slowly warming after the exertions of battle. At his side, his family, his blood, the Ragnarok clan celebrated, uniting their voices in songs of victory and camaraderie. His mentor, Markus Dent-de-Loup, stood beside him, exchanging impassioned tales of the past battle, praising his protégé's courage and strength. Baldex, his eyes shining with pride, listened with humility to the High Priest's praise, grateful for the gifts of his ancestors that had guided his hand into the fight, both his bow and his sabers striking relentlessly at the enemy. The skirmish had been swift and decisive; Baldex being an emissary to several allied guilds, the clan had benefited from vital information and additional warriors to win the battle. After feasting, Baldex Dent-de-Loup moved away and bowed silently at the altar of the Valkfadir, offering his prayers and gratitude for the wisdom and protection of the ancestors.
This majestic Viking-inspired project, created for a player from the Ragnarok Guild of the Duché of Bicolline, features many pieces with rich details and strong symbolism for the character Baldex. The magnificent satin-lined black leather coat features several important symbols. First, the white leather Ragnarok wolf crest and decorative ribbons are the same as those on his mentor's costume. On the upper back, the valknut symbol of her religion is surrounded by valkyrie wings, demonstrating her respect for a great clanswoman. The long jacket has a sheepskin fur collar, also lined with satin for comfort, which has the distinctive feature of being removable. The ensemble is completed by a magnificent hand-embossed celtic belt, which also features her guild's wolf crest and multiple slots for feathers and scrolls. A leather spellbook and a LARP bow, quiver and arrows complete the set. A unique and inspiring project, highlighting the depth of the LARP character who owns it!

Viking Inspiration
Viking Inspiration

The White Wolf Viking Inspired Set

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