The Tournament Classic Armor

In the heart of a vast, dark forest, a man named Herveus walked the paths between the giant trees, carrying on his shoulders his hunt of the day, a small red deer. He was not a legendary warrior or a renowned lord; simply a man of few words, but many deeds. He loved protecting his village, looking after his family, and enjoying his simple but rewarding daily life. Sometimes, Herveus would explore forgotten ruins and bring back lost treasures alongside local adventurers, or assemble the local militia to protect the hamlet from an orc or goblin attack.

And despite his many exploits, which might seem modest but had saved the lives of many villagers, Herveus remained humble and generous. His leather armor, worn during battles and journeys, reflected his stable and competent life. Practical and durable, it enabled him to move with agility and withstood many blows without failing. For him, the armor was not just an object of protection, but a faithful companion, a silent witness to his many adventures.
This photoshoot showcase our new Classic Armor, a practical and universal model of medieval leather armor. Its simple design suits any type of LARP character while being easily adjustable and compatible with a wide range of accessories. Made from sturdy leather and designed to last a lifetime, this armor can even be customized in vegetal leather to your taste. The armet-style leather helmet features a beautiful asymmetrical design, fixed visor and chin strap for a perfect fit. The Mighty Pauldron features a broad crest to guard the neck, and several slats to protect the arm. The Classic Round Pauldron is a multi-purpose ambidextrous protection, with a sewn-in reinforcement and several slattered parts, while still being comfortable and sturdy. Arms include bicep, elbow and bracer pieces with a removable hand that adjusts in length. Fully-armored legs will effectively protect your thighs, knees and calves, and the integrated greaves feature practical eyelets at the bottom for passing a lace through your boots to improve the product's stability on your legs. While this LARP armor is perfect for a young warrior, militiaman, guard or soldier, it's equally well suited to a scout, bandit or ranger.
  • Pictures by: Benoît Vermette
  • Armor by: Les Artisans d'Azure
  • Model & Makeup: Les Artisans d'Azure
  • Weapons by: Nemesis & Epic Armory

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