The Sister of Battles

In the underground villages of the Eastern Lands, a fascinating legend is passed down from generation to generation, from exhausted mother to frightened daughter at bedtime to instill a bit of courage. It's a tale filled with strength, hope, and perseverance, a narrative that comes to life in a devastated world. At the heart of this saga lies an enigmatic figure: a mysterious woman, asleep in a silver sarcophagus adorned with the image of a virgin. No one knows how long this tomb had lain there, but when its doors opened, a magnificent warrior emerged, staggering, preserved from the ravages of time. Caught off guard by this apocalyptic land she did not know, she whispered her name: Lya Van-Amstel. She claimed to come from a secret order of Valkyries, extinct for millennia. Despite her difficult awakening, she demonstrated unwavering strength and determination. Her warrior exploits quickly spread, but above all, she was said to be driven by a quest that would consume her for centuries: to find a loved one from her past, who would be somewhere in this torn world.
This custom-made gothic armor is inspired by the styles of the "Dark Souls" and "Demon's Souls" games, as well as the "Adepta Sororitas" group from Warhammer, and some historical medieval inspirations such as the Germanic 16th-century "Maximilian" armor. Entirely crafted from hand-forged and molded blackened aluminum, the short torso is designed to be lightweight, comfortable, and allow for great mobility for all LARP battles. A black leather corset accompanies the feminine breastplate. True work of art, a barbute-style helmet in leather and blackened aluminum features a magnificent halo, giving a sacred theme to the ensemble, along with a removable burgundy veil covering the back of the helmet. A matching pair of leather pauldrons covered in aluminum completes the set, along with an array of accessories provided by the customer.
  • Armor by: Les Artisans d'Azure
  • Pictures by: Benoît Vermette
  • Weapons by: Nemesis & Calimacil

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