The Wendigo Warden

Deep in the heart of a thousand-year-old forest, a solitary shaman devoted his life to studying its deepest mysteries. As time passed, he discovered in himself extraordinary abilities as a Shapshiter, enabling him to blend into the very essence of the creatures that populated these ancient woods. However, his isolation and obsession consumed him, little by little. Slowly but inexorably, the Druid lost his connection with his own humanity and gave in to corruption. One icy winter's evening, as shadows stretched across the trees, he crossed a point of no return. He changed into a Wendigo, one of the most feared creatures of legend. His own was an immutable warning to those who defy the sacred laws of nature and dare to disturb the ancestral balance of the ancient woods.

This druid LARP costume is a fusion of tribal and shamanic styles, designed to capture the imagination of a figure more monstrous than human.The materials were carefully chosen to embody the reality of a character living in autarky. The forest-green bolero has been distressed throughout, customized with a scarf effect and long & pointed sleeves, while the split wrapping pants offer great freedom of movement. The Freya dress, modified with a weathered patina, provides an elegant backdrop for the other pieces, while the champagne leather loincloth, adorned with falses knucklebones and feathers, adds a primitive, asymmetrical touch. The molded leather skull is a centerpiece of the costume, with meticulous detailing on the teeth, with carvings and feathers decorations for a most successful bone effect. The matching pauldron is generously decorated with fur trim and engraved leather patterns. This LARP character is beautifully dressed in this unique costume, skilfully blending mystical, tribal and elegant elements, creating a unique and bewitching aesthetic.

  • Costume by: Les Artisans d'Azure
  • Make-up by: Les Artisans d'Azure
  • Photos by: Benoît Vermette


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