The Guard Sentinel

In the winding alleys of the capital, a mercenary walks slowly, holding his halberd in one hand and a lantern in the other, illuminating the forgotten corners of the city. Clad in a light suit of armor, carefully assembled to be both sturdy and silent, he moves fearlessly through the cobblestone streets. Lorenz the Guard plays a vital role in the Sentinel group; he's the best watchman, a protector, the one who knows how to make the right decisions at the right time, and never hesitates. He has a reputation for exceptional reflexes, and it is said that no protégé under his care has ever lost his life. And tonight, he's on his way to a new contract, confident that he can unfailingly protect the nobleman in his charge who, fearing assassination at a banquet, had paid a high price for his expertise.

This custom-made set for a LARP character has been cleverly designed from multiple standard pieces, modified and enhanced to create the look of the hardened mercenary. On top of shortened chain mail and a black and mauve marauder's jacket, an Adventurer's Belt has been upgraded in chocolate-colored vegetable leather, and accompanied by multiple belts and pouches in various leathers. Epaulettes, greaves and bracers are made from the same chocolate-colored leather, with gold aluminum plates, and feature a nice studded look. The unique helmet, inspired by the Kettle hat, is particularly practical thanks to its reinforced visor, flexible leather slats protecting the sides and back of the head, and unrivalled comfort. The character also features multiple accessories, including a leather-covered flask, several practical bags, a crossbow and a foam halberd.

  • Photo by: Benoît Vermette
  • Armor and Accessories by: Les Artisans d'Azure
  • Halberd by: Epic Armory


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