The Freebooter Adventurer

On the deck of a ship as majestic as she was practical, the adventurer stood tall, enjoying the mist cooling his skin and the gentle sound of the waves crashing against the hull. His mind was racing with thoughts of his next adventure, the thrill of the unknown calling to him like the song of a siren. Although he wasn't as experienced a sailor as some of his comrades, he knew he was sharp and skilled with a sword. He could hardly wait to discover the next island, to face mysteries and monsters and, above all, to bring back fabulous treasures.

This incredible custom leather armor was designed for a character in the Bicolline Freebooter Guild. Inspired by the Assassin Armor, the pieces have been customized and enhanced to give the ensemble a unique, rich look. Entirely handmade, they have been dyed burgundy and stamped with gold patterns, not forgetting the magnificent gold stones inlaid in the leather; all the while remaining solid and practical, perfectly suited for LARP activities. The helmet, inspired by the historic burgonet of the early 16th century, is made entirely of leather and features a molded crest and cheek protectors. The leather pauldrons are segmented for comfortable movement. The bracers feature practical, detachable hand protection. The greaves are highly adjustable and durable, with aluminum reinforcements at the bottom to help them keep their shape over time. The large belt features fine decoration in its center, and rings for attaching slatted tassets. A decorated belt and LARP sword complete this set, which is sure to please characters like rich pirates, majestic musketeers, leading buccaneers or merchant marine commanders!

  • Pictures: Benoît Vermette
  • Armors: Les Artisans d'Azure
  • Sword: Nemesis


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