The Epic Classic Armor

Jeffray was gleaming in his new armor, and his pride was as bright as the ochre leather plates in the hot midday sun. He walked resolutely in front of his troops, his musket held in exemplary grip to set an example. In a loud tenor voice, he barked his orders to the soldiers: "Stand straight!", " Rise your cannon!", or "One step back! Soon, the two rows of privateers would form the Queen's guard of honor, then follow in her footsteps. They were the Royal Guard, and the newly promoted general would accept nothing less than the perfection of his contingent.

This medieval LARP armor is an epic version of our standard Classic Armor. This armor has been upgraded and created in hand-molded vegetable leather, dyed a gorgeous vibrant ochre. It's a perfect example of how our standard products can be "LVL Up" to the color and finish of your choice for a dazzlingly unique finish!

The Classique armor Torso, available like all our armors up to 3 X-Large, is a practical piece with several overlapping sections and 3 rows of adjustable straps for optimum comfort. The Slatted Pauldrons and the Classic Gorget are fixed in place by one of the shoulder rows of eyelets. Neutral Bracers, simple and beautiful in this gold finish, reliably cover the forearms. The Slatted Tassets are linked with a central ring and simply fastened to a belt. The Classic Greaves protect the calves, and are reinforced with aluminum at the bottom to help them keep their shape. The Morion helm is a superb centerpiece that protects the head effectively, with its wide edge, central crest and efficient cheek guards. To complete the corsair look, we added a re-enactment pistol and a LARP musket (firing NERF bullets!) at the photoshoot. The Classique Set is a superb combination of leather armor pieces for LARP which, enhanced this way in vegetal leather and ochre chocolate gradient dye, really brings out the best in its wearer!

  • Pictures by: Benoît Vermette
  • Armor by: Les Artisans d'Azure
  • Weapons by: Denix et B3 Studio


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