Takuatshin, The Pathkeeper

Deep within the northern woodlands of the continent, they travel the land, exploring every trail, and learning the names of every hill, stream, and bog. They know the forest better than anybody, for they are the Pathkeepers. Ordained by the keen-eyed eagle and the nomadic caribou, they guide their people through their journeys, in peace and in war. A Pathkeeper travels light and moves swiftly, always ahead, bearing the heavy responsibility of guiding the nation across the vast expanse of their ancestral lands. This time, the path ahead screams of danger, with enemies lurking at the edges of the woods, and angry spirits lashing in anguish, made angry by the desecration of their home. And thus, Takuatshin must don the garment of battle, thick leather gifted by the caribou herd, tanned by her foremothers. May her arrows find their marks, and her trail remain unseen.

This fantasy outfit, inspired by indigenous art, was handcrafted by our team of artisans for our client’s graduation prom. This armor was created to celebrate First Nation cultures for a LARP fantasy character, drawing most of its inspiration from the Innu nation. By using natural tones for the leather, the armor, pauldrons, and corset remain closer to the colors of traditionally tanned hide. The engravings are drawn from Innu embroidery patterns, and stylized leather feathers decorate the upper body around the shoulders.

Additionally, the full outfit uses as little metal as possible, to better represent the materials traditionally used by indigenous people. Instead, most of the pieces are held in place by leather laces, which also decorate the edges of the armor for a more complex finish. Since the leather belt is a classic medieval accessory, we also designed a custom one for this character, displaying a gorgeous eagle in the style of the Pacific Northwest nations. Archer bracers made of leather and fur also protect the forearms.

Pictures by Benoît Vermette
Armor and belt by Les Artisans d’Azure
Weapons by Calimacil

Druidic Inspiration
Druidic Inspiration


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