Xzakar the Headhunter

A specialist in asymmetric warfare, guerilla tactics, and information gathering, Xazkar is a fierce yet secretive warrior. As a member of the Sentinels, he swore to reclaim the ruins of the ancient world, fighting alongside his comrades in arms to reconquer the lands devastated by the great cataclysm. Xazkar is part of a special force of unlikely heroes, half-adventurers, and half-mercenaries, hardened by a merciless world, but determined to fight back against the monsters it harbors.

This medieval fantasy armor was created as part of the Sentinels group sets and features a combination of leather and metal that harmonizes with the other group’s members, while still displaying a distinctive style fitting the character. Designed for LARP combat, it uses dyed and aged leather with blackened aluminum plates. The set features iconic elements such as a full-face helmet, which can be worn in addition to a modified version of our hunter’s hood.

The custom-made studded armor vest is combined with a matching combat belt, with soft pale leather sewn on the edges for a beautiful yet spartan finish. Bracers, tassets, pauldrons, and greaves complete the armor, providing near full body protection while keeping the aesthetic theme of a resourceful guerilla fighter.

  • Armor and hood by Les Artisans d’Azure
  • Sword and scabbard by Nemesis Workshop
  • Shield and knives by Epic Armoury
  • Pictures by Benoit Vermette

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