Tyrion's Battle Wizard

This combat wizard set has been custom made for an honored member of the Tyrion guild, from Bicolline. Including a short coat, a wide leather belt, as well as a long combat skirt, this set display an amazing level of detail. Made of Ponte di Roma fabric, supple black leather, and turquoise silk with golden strands, the coat is adjustable with a set of leather straps on the front, which include shiny golden buckles for decorations as well as practicality. Gold piping is used on the borders to highlight the cut of this well adjusted coat, and we also doubled the collar, the sleeves, and the arm folds with colorful genuine silk. In addition, the leather section of the coat support laser engravings of occult and arcane symbols, as well as the character's guild's emblem. The engravings ave also been painted by hand to display the amazing turquoise color theme of this outfit. The combat skirt use the same materials and finish as the coat, with a bigger emphasis on the silk on the layered design of this piece, and even more laser engravings and hand painting. Finally, the vegetable leather belt was engraved, stamped, and painted by hand, and displays many chains and other potentially magical trinkets, held in place by rings on the belt.

Costume and belt by les Artisans d'Azure
Sword by Nemesis Workshop
Scrolls by Davy Jones' Locker 
Bag by Isil
Pictures by Open Shutter


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