Warranty & Maintenance

By Brands

  • Les Artisans d'Azure
  • Nemesis Workshop
  • Calimacil
  • Epic Armoury
  • Burgschneider

Nemesis Workshop's Latex & Foam Weapons

Despite the quality of the techniques and materials we use, no LARP weapon is indestructible. So here are a few tips to make sure you play safely and enjoy your investment for a long time.

Maintenance Tips

  • Avoid extreme conditions: prolonged sun exposures, intense cold or heat.
  • Avoid the overheating effect of the sun in the car during the summer.
  • Avoid any contact with chemicals like organic solvents, petroleum derivatives, oil and DEET.
  • Avoid blocking the knocks with knives. The broken rods will not be covered by your guarantee.
  • Always inspect your weapon before using it to make sure it’s not damaged or dangerous.
  • Parental supervision is advised when used by children.
  • Always put your weapon on the pommel or on a flat surface, with nothing on it. Avoid putting the tip of your sword on the ground.
  • Our weapons are designed for LARP and combat simulation: Only use pulled blows. Avoid any hits toward the face.
  • Do not hit any hard, rough, sharp or abrasive surfaces. Avoid repetitive friction with leather.
  • Clean your weapon with a gentle cloth soaked with soapy water.
  • You can spray your weapon, once in a while, with dry silicon spray.
  • If the latex and foam get cut, you can easily repair it with contact cement.

12 Months Limited Guarantee

  • The guarantee will be voided if the preceding instructions are not properly followed.
  • The guarantee only covers premature damages due to a manufacturing defect. Cuts, normal wear of the paint or finish are not covered by the guarantee.
  • If a problem occurs and the guarantee is applicable, the item will be repaired or replaced. Shipping is not covered by the guarantee.

Calimacil's Foam Weapons

One Year Warranty Coverage

Calimacil weapons are covered by a limited warranty for a period of one year (365 days) from the date of purchase. Any product found to be defective by Calimacil Inc, that is accompanied with presentation of proof of purchase, will be repaired or replaced with a new product, at the discretion of Calimacil Inc. Please contact us before proceeding to return your item. You need our confirmation for your return to be valid. Shipping and return of the replacement item will be covered by Calimacil.


This limited warranty specifies that Calimacil recommendations and limitations should be respected otherwise the warranty will be void.

Standard Usage

This warranty of 365 days does not cover normal wear and tear of the product, including the wear resulting from the natural deterioration of the materials during fighting. Any modifications brought to the product will result in the cancellation of the warranty. This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abnormal or contrary to the purpose of the product.

Commercial Usage

Calimacil’s products used for commercial purposes (e.g. renting) are covered by a limited warranty of 120 days.

Refurbished Weapons

A weapon is declared refurbished when, following a standard inspection by Calimacil, does not reach the expected esthetical level. A refurbish weapon will have the same security level as a standard Calimacil weapon but may have some lower quality result on painting, forms or other. This type of weapon is not covered by any warranty.


Calimacil weapons are designed for users over the age of 14. Calimacil Inc. shall not be liable for any type of damage or injury arising from the use of this product. All responsibility falls on the user, who should be committed to taking all necessary security measures when using the product and handle it appropriately. For optimum safety, Calimacil recommends the use of appropriate eye protection while in use. (e.g. sports goggles).

Instructions for use

  1. Hold the handle; strike with the blade while controlling your strength.
  2. Do not use the weapon as a walking stick.
  3. Avoid forcing the weapon or bending it like a bow as tiny cracks may appear in the rod and cause the weapon to be fragile.
  4. Avoid hitting against hard, sharp, or massive objects (i.e. concrete wall, boulder, sharp blade, tree, carts, war machines, etc).
  5. Avoid blows to the head and face.
  6. Do not place in a fire.
  7. Do not glue or repair the blade with materials that harden.
  8. Do not use if the product is damaged.

IMPORTANT: For optimum safety, Calimacil recommends the use of appropriate protection (e.g. sport goggles and/or helmet).


For all claims, contact us in store or you can contact Calimacil directly. The defective weapon becomes property of Calimacil for analysis purposes. The customer must submit proof of purchase, name, phone number, address, e-mail and a short text describing the problem . In an effort to improve the product, it is possible that Calimacil will communicate with the client for more details about the events that caused damage to the weapon.

  1. Contact Calimacil by e-mail at info@calimacil.com and describe the problem.
  2. Add at least one picture of the defect item and a proof of purchase (if bought on Calimacil's website, the invoice number is enough).
  3. On Calimacil confirmation, we will send you a prepaid label. Just stick it to the package containing your weapon and bring it to the nearest post office.
  4. Calimacil will return at the Return Address a replacement item for free.

Burgschneider's Clothing & Accessories

Return Policy

Les Artisans d'Azure will accept returns for Burgschneider items purchased at our store that are received back within 120 days from delivery date for a refund. Returns received back after 120 days from delivery date will not be accepted. Please note that shipping charges are non-refundable.

All returns MUST meet the following criteria :

  • Unworn
  • Unwashed
  • No scents or odors
  • No rips or tears
  • No other signs of being worn
  • All tags must be attached
  • All original packaging must be included
  • No COD (Cash/Check on Delivery) packages will be accepted