Alaric Chainmail
Alaric Chainmail
Alaric Chainmail
Alaric Chainmail
Alaric Chainmail
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Alaric Chainmail


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The Alaric Chainmail is a flexible mail armor shirt made from linked steel rings. The mail covers the body from the shoulder to the thighs, and has long sleeves protecting the arms to the wrists. Each butted ring interlocks with four other rings in a 4-in-1 design.

Characteristics :

  • 16ga Regular Steel
  • 10mm Inner diameter rings
  • Good weight to protection ratio
  • Great addition to any medieval warrior look
  • Ideal use for LARP events and historical re-enactments.

Important : Chainmail, unlike fabric, has no elasticity. If your measurments are too close to the chainmail's limit, it's recommanded to select a bigger size to have some available space inside the armor. A tight fitting chainmail won't be comfortable and will limit range of motion. 

Size Chart :


  • Chest circumference : 88cm / 34.6 inches
  • Sleeve length : 46cm / 18 inches
  • Total length : 100cm / 39.4 inches


  • Chest circumference : 118cm / 46.5 inches
  • Sleeve length : 46cm / 18 inches
  • Total length : 98cm / 38.6 inches


  • Chest circumference : 130cm / 51.2 inches
  • Sleeve length : 46cm / 18 inches
  • Total length: 110cm / 43.3 inches


  • Chest circumference : 140cm / 55.1 inches
  • Sleeve length : 46cm / 18 inches
  • Total length : 110cm / 43.3 inches


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