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Arming Sword


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The medieval arming sword was one of the most iconic sword designs of the Middle ages. Famous for its extensive use during the Normand conquests, as well as the Crusades, it was at the time the dominant war sword used by knights and noble warriors in Europe. After the 13th century, this versatile one-handed sword phased out of the battlefields, transforming into a status symbol for the aristocratic class, a powerful sidearm that gave the weapon its modern name, for it seldom left the side of its bearers. This LARP reproduction is made of EVA molded foam, without any latex, making it a sturdy and historically evocative weapon for knightly characters and crusaders alike. It is in fact a great choice for any warrior seeking a versatile one-handed blade, from men-at-arms to mercenaries.


  • Length: Medium - 87 cm (34 1/4 in) Long - 105 (41 3/8 in)
  • Molded EVA foam
  • Latex free
  • Fiberglass core
  • Polyurethane handle

The Stronghold brand of injected foam weaponry combines safety and durability. They use a lightweight medium density foam that is both soft and very resilient. It has a fiberglass rod that is coated by a layer of polyurethane foam, making it near indestructible and giving it an amazing flex capacity. The rod is also tipped with a rubber tube to allow safe stabbing. This collection uses a heavier, more resistant foam known for its strength in heavy combat LARP situations. 

Made in India by Iron Fortress

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