Arthur Cape RFB Capes Epic Armoury
Arthur Cape RFB Capes Epic Armoury
Arthur Cape RFB Capes Epic Armoury
Arthur Cape RFB Capes Epic Armoury Black Small|Medium
Arthur Cape RFB Capes Epic Armoury Brown Small|Medium

Arthur Cape RFB


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The Cape Arthur is an ankle-length cape, fitted with a hood and cotton-strap fastenings. This design is meant to offer the greatest degree of protection from the elements while still being lightweight and comfortable. This cape makes a great accessory if you need to add layering to your character’s costume, as capes have become synonymous with medieval and fantasy clothing. Capes are also highly practical in limiting the impact of wind, rain or sun. This cape is a classic cut and will be usable by any character in any game world, allowing freedom when customizing equipment for your characters.

Characteristics :

  • Cotton

Size Chart :

Small/Medium: 140cm / 55 inches

Large/XLarge: 150cm / 60 inches

Made in India by Epic Armory

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