Ashwalker Leather Hood Hoods Les Artisans d&
Ashwalker Leather Hood Hoods Les Artisans d&
Ashwalker Leather Hood Hoods Les Artisans d&
Ashwalker Leather Hood Hoods Les Artisans d&

Ashwalker Leather Hood


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Expertly handcrafted by les Artisans d'Azure in Canada

Handcrafted in Canada

All our products are crafted by hand in our workshop by expert artisans.

For LARPers by LARPers

combining a large array of techniques, such as dyeing, stamping, sanding, and laser engraving.

Real high quality leather


How naive was it of them to believe that ruination would be decided in one fateful night; one glorious battle to cancel the apocalypse. Knights and men-at-arms would line alongside paladins and holy servants to defeat the forces of destruction and rebuke the looming threat of my ascension.

When these oh-so-virtuous warriors vanquished me and basked in the glory of their apparent victory, they sealed their fate and the one of their homelands. When my body shattered, the dust of my decaying remains stuck to their skin and armor, cursing them with all the might of my necromantic powers. In their hubris, they didn’t suspect that the great foe of their age could have one last trick up their sleeve, but they found out soon enough.

When their crops failed, rotting in place or simply failing to find enough sun through the thick gray clouds that shrouded the sky, they suspected something was odd. When famine led to plague and sickness, and that the fallen returned to hunt the living, they knew they had been fooled. But it was when they saw the empty husk of my ash-stained armor walk the roads of their land that they knew there was never even a victory to celebrate, for the Harbinger of Ruin has returned, and I walked in the ashes of their fallen nations.


This large leather hood was created with great attention to detail to provide an accessory that doesn't compromise on practicality while also providing an unmatched sinister look. This particular hood is well adapted to LARP action, being fixed directly on the armor with laces so it cannot slip or spin, while also displaying leather counterweights on the front to keep the hood in place. The back of the hood is doubled to keep the volume that makes this piece so impressive, but without letting the wearer's head sink too deep inside, something that could be fairly detrimental in combat otherwise. This is an amazing dark fantasy accessory for cultists, necromancers, evil sorcerers, and undead assassins.


  • Dyed vegetable leather with aged patina
  • Supple leather 2-3 oz / 1mm
  • Counterweights in the front
  • Can be attached to any of our leather armor
  • Hood doubled in the back


  • Neck opening: 22 in / 55.9 cm
  • Front to back the back point: 23 in / 58.4 cm


  • Dyed vegetable leather 8-9 oz / 4 mm
  • Cuir épais noir 5-6 oz / 2 mm
  • Supple leather 2-3 oz / 1mm
  • Antique brass plated eyelets and rivets

Made in Quebec, Canada, by Les Artisans d'Azure


LARP Universes & Characters

Summon the darkness with our
Walker Armors

This handcrafted, distressed leather armor offers a wide array of combinable opitons to let you create the perfect look for your sinister LARP character, whether he's a necromancer, a dark warrior or an arcane sorceress.

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