Assassin's Leather Half-Cape


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The luxurious chamber had its window ajar, the evening breeze flowing inside and causing the ethereal curtains to fly quietly in the candlelight. The pearly white sheets of the canopy bed resembled a romantic painting from which the painter knew no color but crimson. Dark patch in the room, the artist of this tragic scene was standing near the bed, watching the warm red paint finishing to spread on the canvas of the bedding. He was holding in his glove a single black spiny rose, which he tenderly placed on the forever silent throat of his last masterpiece. 


This amazing half-cape is a fashionable accessory that will undoubtedly add style and panache to your next LARP character, may it be a noble, duelist, assassin, musketeer or dark elf. Made of thick and sturdy materials, this cloak is tough enough for LARPing without compromising its incredible look. 


  • Supple leather doubled half-cape 
  • Customizable fabric color
  • Ambidextrous 
  • Compatible with our Y harness or any of our pauldron compatible armor (harness not included) 


  • One size fits all
  • Length: 42 in / 107 cm


  • Brass-plated antique rivets and eyelets
  • Supple black leather
  • Textile (the specific fabric may vary)

Handmade in Canada by les Artisans d'Azure 

LARP Universes & Characters

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Explore elegance and darkness with this luxurious vegetable leather armor, dyed dark and engraved intricately. The fabric inside exudes refinement. The asymmetrical design adds presence. Light yet fully protective, perfect for LARP assassins, aristocrats, vampires, or dark elves.

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