Assassin's Sword


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The Assassin Sword was specifically designed to be wielded with agility and discretion as if it was a natural extension of its wielder’s arm. Its wooden handle covered in black leather offers a firm and comfortable grip, while its blade is engraved with stylized patterns to add a touch of mystery to its appearance. Whether your character is a professional assassin, a shadow warrior or an adept of stealthier arts in LARPs, this foam sword will allow you to move silently and neutralize your victims efficiently. Its discretion does not prevent it from a deadly weapon either, making this weapon the perfect tool for the most dangerous of missions. For the veterans who were already acquainted with the Assassin Sword, previously known as the Ilithiri Sword, this version has been reviewed and upgraded, with the new pressed blades from Ateliers Nemesis! These new LARP weapons are slimmer, lighter, and more detailed, and still maintain the varied and luxurious options which made the reputation of the Artisan range, such as the options for wooden handles or for sword blades. As well, these new swords are compatible with the leather scabbards associated with other models from Ateliers Nemesis.


  • Pressed blade 40"
  • Soft yet sturdy reinforced tip (made for thrusting)
  • Solid structure ready for parrying
  • Counterweight in the handle for unmatched handling
  • 1-year warranty against all manufacturer’s defect
  • Waterproof varnish WITHOUT LATEX

Handmade in Quebec, Canada by Nemesis Workshop

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