Baen Si II Medium Swords Calimacil Medium
Baen Si II Medium Swords Calimacil

Baen Si II


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Baen Si II, the Strike of Morrigan

Orcs hate everyone and throw armies of raging grunts at the slightest provocations. Yet, sometimes even the most savage of warlords needs things to be done through cunning and guile. That’s where the bastard half-orc progeny of countless wars come in. Once they reach teenage, they are sent weaponless into the underworld with one purpose, kill a champion of the subterranean races, bring back a bloodied weapon or die trying. Those who make it back reforge their new weapon and become the elite killers of the roaming orcish armies. This sword is one such weapon, ripped from the dying hands of a Dark Elf, broken at the hilt and recast into a weapon whose very pummel spells hatred and death.


Another masterful collaboration between Calimacil and the Atelier Fantastic'Art, this sword combines one of the most popular blades of our collection with a savage-looking, spiked, blood-speckled handle. This lends a sense of lethality to the whole weapon, marrying the menacing grace of the blade with the brute force nature of the handle. We are proud to pursue this exclusive partnership and continue to bring you swords whose appearances are matched by the highest standards of realism and safety.


  • Weight - 0.9 lbs - 408 gr
  • Total Length - 34.5" - 87.6 cm<
  • Blade Length - 24.5" - 62.2 cm<
  • Blade Thickness - 1" - 2.5 cm
  • Cross Guard length - 2" - 5.1 cm
  • Hilt Length - 10" - 25.4 cm
  • Core - Fiberglass Material - Calimacil Foam, Plastic

Made in Quebec, Canada, by Calimacil

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