The Dentist Post-apocalyptics Calimacil
The Dentist Post-apocalyptics Calimacil
The Dentist Post-apocalyptics Calimacil

The Dentist


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Life is action and it’s an adventure! This second chance that’s been granted to us all is exactly what humanity needed to get up from its techno-couch and put that ginormous indolent butt into gear again. This forced « back to basics » with its multiple sources of dangers and mutant menaces is an incredible business opportunity for entrepreneurs like me! Who am I? Oh, nobody special really… Just a dream peddler. Guided by the wind, I break jaws and bones with The Dentist, my big oak studded club. Zombies, mutants, bandits, or competitors, I make no particular distinction. I harvest their teeth and bones to make « authentic » shamanistic amulets. I sell them to travellers and the gullible members of communities I meet, convincing them that they bring some sort of mystical protection from the dangers of the wilderness. Life is good, and The Dentist is there to ensure I’ll retire rich.


The Dentist is a very realistic reproduction of a studded club, which is perfectly suited to the context of post-apocalyptic LARP events. It is also quite appropriate for classical settings that seek an alternative to swords in medieval or fantasy settings. Have no fear, no actual jaws were broken during the development of this club. This crude studded club is well suited for skull-crushing barbarians, highway bandits, peasant mob, priests, or city guards. In modern or dystopian events, it can be used by street thugs, mutants, raiders, or rugged survivors.


  • Weight (g): 435
  • Total Length : 81 cm (32 po)
  • Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

Made in Quebec, Canada, by Calimacil