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Hersir - Master


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Hersir, the King's Will

Historically speaking, it would seem, some Viking commanders received the title of Hersir. Proud warriors, their prowess was told by the skalds across the land. These leaders had the reputation of organizing, preparing, and leading the best assaults on their enemies. If at the start of the millennium, the title of Hersir included the role of a leader or military commander, it was later recognized as being a representative of the royalty to the Scandinavian communities. “So it the law! By my arm, so is the king’s will!”

The Hersir viking sword is inspired by the universe of Seyrawyn, a work by Martial Grisé and Maryse Pepin. On their lands where many cultures go alongside druids and dragons, only the accomplished viking warriors can carry the sword Hersir, the infamous weapon of the gods’ justice, and the will of the king.


This sword's guard, of historical inspiration, presents engravings depicting ancient folk symbols from scandinavian mythos. On its pommel, a vergvisir can be noticed among other things, a viking sacred symbol of protection and guidance. Finally, on the blade and its fantasy-inspired curves, celtic knots melt together into the pattern, giving the Hersir its royal elegance and intricate design. The formidable Hersir is made for all ages, young and old! May you be a simple warrior, a rogue, a dwarf, a viking noble or even a prince, with this blade in hand, you will be assured to uphold the law wherever you go!


  • Weight : Short : 330 gr ; Long: 380 gr
  • Total length : Short : 73 cm (28,8 in); Long : 88 cm (34,6 in)
  • Blade length : Short : 55 cm (21,6 in); Long : 70 cm (27,5 in)
  • Blade thickness: 2.5 cm
  • Guard length: 20 cm 
  • Made of Calimacil foam

Made in Quebec, Canada, by Calimacil

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