Hood with Goblin Ears Kid Armors Epic Armoury
Hood with Goblin Ears Kid Armors Epic Armoury Small

Hood with Goblin Ears


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Anyone could appreciate the interest in portraying a goblin, they are despicable vile yet funny creatures. This cotton hood comes equipped with the goblin ears already attached, making this a quick and easy way to enjoy playing your character.

Size Chart :


  • Hood depth : 22cm / 8.7 inches
  • Hood height : 21cm / 8.3 inches


  • Hood depth : 24cm / 9.4 inches
  • Hood height : 23cm / 9.1 inches


  • Hood depth : 26cm / 10.2 inches
  • Hood height : 23cm / 9.1 inches


Made in India by Epic Armoury