Italian Milanese Style Arm Armor - 16ga - LB


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This set of Milanese plate arm armor is crafted from 16 gauge steel. They are articulated and fitted to the arm with a trio of leather strap, and the interior of this arm armor is blackened. The Italian Milanese style of armor was a late Medieval development in armor that emphasized large, rounded surfaces to both deflect incoming blows and to dissipate the force of strikes against the armor. This armor piece is very robust and can be used in combat for re-enactment, SCA events or LARP. It will fit any knight, elite soldier or mercenary character. 


  • 16 inches 1/4 lenght
  • 16 gauge steel
  • 4 pounds piece
  • Sold by pair
  • Adjustable with straps 

Made in India by Lord of Battles