Johnny Post-apocalyptics Calimacil
Johnny Post-apocalyptics Calimacil
Johnny Post-apocalyptics Calimacil
Johnny Post-apocalyptics Calimacil



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As the world was coming to what seemed like its end, there was not much survivors could still rely on. Food was scarce, safe shelter hard to find, and trusted partners were a long forgotten fantasy. The only remaining thing that could be trusted was the lumbering horde chasing everything and anything still moving.

As he was climbing the steps of this old building, Johnny heard wild noises erupting in the room he just left. He had been followed, he had been found. And he didn't have anything to fight with. That was until his gaze went to his left, to a wooden case with a glass panel at the front. Through the dirt and gore caking it, he could make out the words "In case of emergency break the glass". Getting his prize out of its long resting place, Johnny realized there was something else that could be relied on: A good ol' fireman axe.


This amazing fireman axe foam reproduction is a classic of the zombie apocalypse genre brought to LARP by Calimacil. Painted carefully to evoke the iconic pattern of the fire axe, it can be used by survivors, crazed murderers, firefighters, or lumberjack alike in various modern, post-apocalyptic, or horror themed events.


  • Weight: 425 gr
  • Length : 77 cm (30 1/4 in)
  • Calimacil foam
  • Fiberglass core

Made in Quebec, Canada by Calimacil