Mercenary Greaves Leather Greaves Les Artisans d'Azure Black/Brown
Mercenary Greaves Leather Greaves Les Artisans d'Azure Brown/Tan

Mercenary Greaves


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Dreifus stuck his warhammer's point inside a log before sitting next to the prisonners, the bunch of them still in shock and covered in blood after the attack that ravaged their village. A few of them started to look at the man with pure hatred in their eyes. They recognized the rugged mercenary as the captain that led the assault. The medals on his armor weren't lying. Dreifus sighed with indifference at the display of anger before taking a big sip from his whiskey flask. 

''You know, I wouldn't say I'm mean, I just get paid to do mean things...paid a lot. Don't take it personnal folks.''


These greaves are part of our mercenary set. With the tough leather design, they are perfect to add a rugged touch to any warrior outfit, may it be for a veteran soldier, an powerful fighter, or a battle-hardened mercenary. 


  • Thick leather 9-10 oz / 4 mm
  • Leather 5-6 oz / 2 mm
  • Brass-plated antique eyelets and rivets 


  • One sized
  • Adjustable with straps
  • Sold by pair

Handmade in Quebec, Canada, by les Artisans d'Azure