Perseus Dagger Daggers Calimacil
Perseus Dagger Daggers Calimacil
Perseus Dagger Daggers Calimacil

Perseus Dagger


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Perseus, the Gorgon slayer

Great for antique characters, this dagger can also be used as an artifact of old in more recent settings. Kings can give this dagger as a precious gift, or it can be "found" by grave robbers during one of their expeditions.


The Perseus dagger brings a new twist to the bronze age. Its blade and handle are bronze and have an aged finished that brings out the antique look of the dagger. The handle is made to give a great grip and avoid slipping, while the pommel balances the weapon and is adorned with a simple triskelion used in the Bronze age. The whole dagger is made of our unique Calimacil foam, making it safe and very durable.

Additional Information

  • Material - Calimacil Foam
  • Blade Color - Bronze


  • Total Length - 19.6 inches - 50 cm
  • Blade Length - 11.8 inches - 30 cm
  • Blade Thickness - 0.78 inches - 2 cm
  • Grip Length - 3.93 inches - 10 cm

Weight - 0.52 lbs - 240 gr

Made in Quebec, Canada by Calimacil

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