Rob Sharp Sword Bastard Swords Calimacil
Rob Sharp Sword Bastard Swords Calimacil
Rob Sharp Sword Bastard Swords Calimacil Bastard

Rob Sharp Sword


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The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword, says my father. But to do that, I would need a sword! The great sword of my dad, which he uses to blindly administer the justice of the North, should stay in his hands for at least a few decades... Almost all my family members have their weapon, even my false brother, even my sister! Will I need to cross battlefields, rivers, countless dangerous encounters before I get my hands on one? I think even a marriage would be easier! But I will have it, one day, the sword that will make everyone jealous: my family, and even those rich neighbours. They shall see!


This weapon was inspired by the sword wielded by Robb Stark in the famous serie Game of Thrones. This sober and efficient weapon presents an very realistic look with its historical design, streamlined blade, and the leather finish on the handle. It's a perfect weapon for more historically accurate characters in LARP, like knights, rugged soldiers, or King in the North. 


  • Weight: 394 gr
  • Total length: 42 inches - 107cm
  • Blade length: 33 inches - 84cm
  • Blade thickness: 1 inch - 2.5cm
  • Cross guard length: 8 inches - 20cm
  • Hilt length: 8.5 inches - 23cm
  • Hilt color: black and gold
  • Core: Fiberglass
  • Material: Calimacil Foam and Natural Leather

Made in Quebec, Canada by Calimacil