Robert Stark
Robert Stark

Robert Stark


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The Robert Stark sword is a versatile weapon of historical design that will be appropriate for a large array of characters. This is a perfect pick for a first purchase since its classic design can fit any medieval character, and it doesn't require any kind of maintenance. This sword will be best used for mundane characters in LARP, such as knights, men-at-arms, mercenaries, or simple soldiers. 


  • Weight (g): Medium: 422: Long: 430
  • Total Length: Medium: 91 cm (35 3/4 in) : Long: 103 cm (40 1/2 in)
  • Blade Length (cm): Medium: 70: Long: 81
  • Blade Tickness (cm): 2.5
  • Blade color: Silver
  • Blade Type: Double Fuller 2
  • Handle length (cm): 24
  • Grip length (cm): 14
  • Cross guard width (cm): 19
  • Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

Made in Quebec, Canada, by les Artisans d'Azure