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Throwing Axe Urios


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At the close of the Second Age, Frandruin, Lord of the Dark Elves, lusted deeply after the gold and affluence of the Obsidian Mines and their king, Urios. Leading his army of deadly archers in an attack against the unsuspecting city of Ogn, Frandruin wreaked death and destruction upon the dwarf capital. Hundreds fell, pierced before the enemy was even within range of their axes. In a last, desperate attempt to push back his enemy, King Urios hurled his heavy axe at the chariot of Frandruin. It struck the elf-lord, fatally wounding him. With a mighty cheer, the dwarves rushed upon the confused elves, pushing them back to the borders of their own land. Since that day, the dwarves of the Obsidian Mines have crafted a new kind of weapon--the throwing axe--in honor of their king, Urios.


This generic foam weapon from Calimacil is designed to work equally well as a throwing axe or as a melee weapon. Although not as detailed as other axes, Urios features the durable foam construction and core you've come to expect from Calimacil. This weapon will fit any character from a dwarf king to a marauding mercenary to a herom or simple peasant. This simple axe will certainly suit the needs of many LARP players in combat. 


  • Total Length : 30.5 cm (12 in)
  • Blade Length: 15 cm (6 in)
  • Weight : 78 gr
  • Fiberglass core
  • Calimacil foam

Made in Quebec, Canada, by Calimacil

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