Scout Armor
Scout Armor
Scout Armor
Scout Armor
Scout Armor
Scout Armor
Scout Armor
Scout Armor
Les Artisans d'Azure

Scout Armor


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Hidden behind a thick grove, the ranger Annand watching a group of goblins installed on the highway. The young man said they must prepare an ambush. Annand grabs an arrow from his leather quiver. He slowly stretches his short bow, then selects the target. He hesitates a moment. This is not the time to attack to spread unnecessary panic. The skillful archer counts the enemy and then refrain his bow, hiding it back under his cloak. Silently, the scout turns back and with disconcerting mobility, he returned warn the caravan near the main road. His warning and information made it possible to easily defeat the goblins with a solid surprise assault to finally save the cargo.


The leather armor is often worn by light warriors, runners, or messengers. This is actually one of the advantages of this type of protection. Les Artisans d'Azure offers this comfortable product that works with more than one LARP character, may it be an elf scout, a rogue or a ranger.


  • Thick leather 9-10 oz
  • Antique brass plated rivets
  • Adjustable with straps

Chest Size

  • Medium: 32 to 38 inches
  • Large: 38 to 44 inches
  • Xlarge 44 to 50 inches
  • 2XLarge: 50 to 56 inches

Designed specifically for LARP Handmade in Quebec, Canada