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Wax Seal Stamp - Bear


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The doors of the throne room suddenly busted open, an out of breath messenger rushing in and running toward the king despite the protestations of the guards, which were trying to intercept her, halberds in hand. Shoving the line of commoner aside, the messenger collapsed on her knees a few steps away from the throne, her head lowered in an humble reverence. She held in her hands a large rolled parchment that she slowly raised to give to her liege. The king didn't needed to read the scroll to know its content, he knew too well the sinister seal of his younger brother, as well as the unique color of wax the pretender used. War...war was finally upon them. 


Few things improve the authenticity of a letter, official document or missive better than the addition of a wax seal. Perfect for medieval events, fantasy settings, fan conventions, or historical reconstitutions, this stamp is the perfect accessory for aristocrats, bureaucrats, scribes, or other noble officials. This stamp allows you to seal your writings and to identify them with the personal symbol of your lord, guild or faith in LARP. 


  • Made from wood and brass plating
  • Approximatively 2.5 cm x 9 cm
  • Includes a cotton pocket

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