Wildwalker Short Armor Leather Armors Les Artisans d&
Wildwalker Short Armor Leather Armors Les Artisans d&
Wildwalker Short Armor Leather Armors Les Artisans d&

Wildwalker Short Armor


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Expertly handcrafted by les Artisans d'Azure in Canada

Handcrafted in Canada

All our products are crafted by hand in our workshop by expert artisans.

For LARPers by LARPers

combining a large array of techniques, such as dyeing, stamping, sanding, and laser engraving.

Real high quality leather


When a pack of wolves hunt down a deer herd, they will wisely pick a sick or weak animal and feed. They hunt, they kill, they eat. There is no carnage, no useless bloodshed. But shepherds know very well that this is not how wolves react faced with a defenseless herd of sheep. The helpless animals drive the predators mad and violent. They will slaughter far more than they need to eat and leave the carcasses in the sun to rot.

This savagery leaves the shepherd shocked and confused, but I understand these beasts, and I know why they feel so compelled to cull. It’s their visceral gut reaction to the violation of the natural order. It is ancient primal wisdom acting through them. I for one share their instinct. As they do with the sheep herds, I do the same with these vile human paddocks called cities.

I don’t recognize the humanity of these so-called civilized folks, the ones who built walls to hide themselves from the woods and the beasts, and cut themselves from the wilderness that birthed us all. When they lock their doors and gloat with their sense of superiority, I shall be the one who knocks and reminds them that the might of nature cannot be tamed.


This short leather breastplate covers the torso in order to keep maximum mobility and give the armor a comfortable fit. The whole piece is adjusted with thick leather straps on the back and leave the waist exposed. The body armor also supports the pauldrons, which are sold separately and with many options, allowing for an asymmetrical pair or to simply go with a single piece. This armor is a great choice for barbarian raiders, feral predators, and murderous rangers in LARP. Because of the aging patina and the voluntary use of imperfect hides to craft these pieces, each armor is guaranteed to have subtle unique features, natural skin texture and scars enhancing the final product with details that cannot easily be imitated by the artisan. It can also easily fit orc and goblin characters.


  • Adjustable with straps
  • Dyed vegetable leather with aged patina

Chest circumference

  • Medium:81-97 cm/ 32-38 in
  • Large: 97-112 cm / 38-44 in
  • X-Large: 112-127 cm / 44-50 in
  • 2X-Large: 127-142 cm / 50-56 in


  • Dyed vegetable leather 8-9 oz / 4 mm
  • Thick black leather 9-10 oz / 4 mm
  • Thick brown leather 5-6 oz / 2 mm
  • Antique brass plated eyelets, rivets, and buckles

Made in Quebec, Canada, by Les Artisans d'Azure

Summon the darkness with our
Walker Armors

This handcrafted, distressed leather armor offers a wide array of combinable opitons to let you create the perfect look for your sinister LARP character, whether he's a necromancer, a dark warrior or an arcane sorceress.

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