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LARP Store & Medieval Gear Shop

Exceptional store in Montreal (QC), Canada
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Discover new products, try our gear and come share your passion with us in our medieval store dedicated to LARP and Cosplay!
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Leather & Metal Armors

We hold a large selection of LARP armor sets from various suppliers. Made of leather, plate and mail, these medieval and fantasy protective pieces come in many styles for different character types and time periods.

Equip your protection

Medieval Clothing

Dive in character with historical and fantasy clothing for your LARP costume. We specialize in sturdy and practical clothes adapted for the reality of outdoor events. From tunic to dresses and cloak, get your set in store!

Dive into the fantasy

Latex & Foam Weapons

Come have a look at our LARP armory, always filled with foam and latex swords and various weapons for safe combat. We have plenty of choice for all kinds of warriors.

Arm Yourself


Don't forget about the accessories. May it be to add some additional complexity to an outfit, or to provide much needed utility, our LARP pouches, belts, scabbard and other goods help bring your character to life and get ready for all eventuality at your next event.

Did you think about everything?

Craft Supplies

LARP and Cosplay are creative hobbies, and there is few better ways to pour your personality into an outfit than to create it yourself. We have plenty of tools, materials and decoration in store to help you bring your ideas to life, as well as free advices from our craftpeople.

Do it yourself

Personalize your character

Custom Creations

Our talented craftsmen will meet all your needs for custom clothing, unique accessories and original armors.

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