Tailored Coat

The tailored coat is a modular clothing service that allows you to customise the cut and finish of your piece to fit the look of your dream. It is a hand-sewed coat made from standardised patterns, providing the level of finish and originality of a fully custom product while saving significant amounts on the designing and fitting cost.

Come in store and try the different sizes to find the one that best fits your figure. Our counsellors will also assist you in adjusting the sleeves and the overall length to better fit your height, providing some flexibility despite the use of pre-made patterns. 

Then, you will have the chance to create your own design with multiple choices of sleeves, collar, overlap, and pockets. You will also be asked to pick the fabric among a selection of various textures and colors, then select the buttons and any additional decorations you may want on the coat, like trims or other finish options. The end result will be a truly unique coat of your conception, made for your LARP character.

The originality of custom projects, at a fraction of the cost.

Tailored Coat

  • 6 sleeve options
  • 5 collar options
  • 3 closure options
  • 5 pocket options
  • Dozens of fabrics
  • Addition of buttons, trims, etc.


Come create yours